Security for Safety & Relief

Being proud of having good results in keeping up the regions,
Silver Star Security keeps 24 hour security for safety and relief to people and enterprises.
Now numbers of apartment houses, hotels and commercial facilities are growing bigger in Chiba, and they are playing a great part in the industrial development as bedroom communities.
Silver Star Security Co., Ltd was founded in 1988 in order to keep them preserved.
It does excellent service in maintaining security of facilities, traffic or events or persons. Then, the results brought by the administrative and public areas confirm great trust for Silver Star Security.

Service for Safety & Relief during 24 hours 365 days

Now quite vital to security service is such complex and diverse environment today.
Silver Star Security performs a delicate and kind help to clients, with reliable results and reasonable cost in its advanced service.
In case of emergency, Silver Star Security makes best efforts for preventing it and lessening its damage by guard having a lot of experiences and accurate, quick deeds.
It goes well to serve for Safety and Relief and watch over and see clients for 24 hours 365 days.

Security for Facilities

Guard Keeping Safe for Commercial Buildings

class ranked for Chiba public industry bids
The guard, stationed and patrol, maintains safety for businesses, factories, buildings and hotels.
And the professionals are accompanied with long years of endeavor and accurate knowledge.
Not only stationed guard but patrols take action for safety, fulfilling their duty and doing deliberate service to clients.

Security for Traffic & Events

Guide people/automobiles in events

Silver Star Security makes security for people/ automobiles in civil engineering, construction works, receptions, various kinds of event or recreation facilities and also checks comers with guidance. It protects streets and roads as artery of city life against any kind of risk. Guard responsible and wide experienced a lot is prepared in keeping preserved to clients’ need.

Security for Personal Safety

Security for Personal Safety to VIP or Mangers

Professional, wide and experienced guard gives priority to the safety of VIP or managers for 24 hours.

Consulting on Security

Consultant for planning, project, management, critical control

Security Consulting Planning
Silver Star Security checks any risk or trouble in shops or business and lessens it with reasonable cost. The guard specialized in security planning keeps clients safe, and protects against any critical situations for 24 hours 365 days, through grasping any critical situation on location or facilities, or foreseen urgent matters with support.

Reasonable Cost in Security

Low cost planned by the security planner

Do you feel safe when you put into more budget and introduce more guard and new equipments?
Obviously, the answer is No.
When the security planner expects any trouble beforehand, and reminds simulation to critical situation, you can avoid any coming crisis, with spending reasonable value.
The security planner announces to clients not only paying “low cost” of the security but it does show what is the suitable number of guard or what is the suitable facilities introduced in order to keep safe and relief.

Design in protection against disasters/ crime prevention

Planning of Machine Security

Silver Star Security would like to propose as to Machine Security; such as “crime prevent on camera or videos” to check comers, besides having stationed guard and patrol.

It is quite useful to an automatic security system for companies or shops or any facilities no guard could control in.
The security planner keeps good deliberate plan in machine security.